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Opening the Doors (September 2020 Update)

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Almost half way there!!  We have just entered week 9 of an 18 week programme. Work proceeds at pace throughout the building.   

By-passers will see visible progress on the new central link with foundations, block & beam floor and structural steelwork completed and timber framing and ply boarding of the roof well advanced in readiness for application of the waterproof roofing membrane.                      

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Development Clear out and Phasing

With building work commencing on 20th April of this year, we now need to prepare the Church for handover to our contractors. All activities will be moving into the Main and Small halls after 20 April. As a start to this process, all users with property and equipment on the premises should be thinking about a clear up (and clear out, where possible). Simon has agreed to head up and coordinate this process.
Further information will be available soon. Watch this space.

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Redevelopment - Autumn Update 2019

We've had a busy summer working on our Redevelopment scheme. Design detail has been further developed to provide information to inform Gateshead Planning Authority. A second pre-Planning Application was deemed necessary which was submitted in June and which received a favourable response. This was then followed with the full Planning Application in July and we were delighted to receive planning approval on the 30th August.

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Redeveloping our Church for the 21st century

Our feasibility study was presented at the coffee morning on 21st January. Rowlands Gill Church Council met on 15th February to discuss the proposals further. It was recognised that the current plans, as presented on 21st January, are not the final product and will require further amendments. However, the Church Council felt there was enough information available to carry out a consultation of the full Church membership in order to gain further feedback and gauge levels of support for a scheme of this nature.

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