Re opening premises for Church User Groups

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It may be possible for some Church user groups to meet on our premises from as early as 12th April but we will not know the position for certain until the Government makes further announcements.

Furthermore, even if return is permitted, it is likely various precautions will remain in place at least until the summer and, possibly, longer.

If your group anticipates a return to the premises, this year, it is important to commence preparations now with a request from your group to book the premises on a provisional basis. As it is sometime since groups last met, it will be necessary to request a booking, specifying the day(s), times and parts of the premises to be used. Bookings can be made via the online booking request.

As part of the booking and return process, it will be necessary to consider covid related precautions. Each user group will, therefore, require a nominated ` responsible person` to deal with these issues on behalf of their group and contact details of that person should be provided when requesting a booking.

Many Thanks for your cooperation in this process.