Opening the Doors (November Update)

Strathmore Road Methodist Church's picture

Here’s where we are now


Link and toilets

Flooring being laid in the entry way and decorating all but completed.  Toilets are very nearly fully done.


New floor in link building


Meeting room and link before flooring


Looking up the corridor toward the youth room from the link. Roof lights in link ceiling



New toilets 


Looking towards the toilets, new meeting room to right


Large Hall


Aside from the gear on the stage and the doors on the storage we are nearly complete.  Just look at that floor




Small Hall


Basically, just missing the doors on the storage



Serving hatch and new door to corridor



Sectional divider doors in small hall



New storage at far end of small hall


Flooring to be laid and trim out of cupboards but nearly there.


Still being painted and awaiting the flooring but getting there


Youth room

Out of the Wild continue their brilliant work on the fixed furniture.  This master craftsman is also doing our new Communion table and Lectern, the radiator covers in the large hall and the new sound/video desk.



The Worship Space 

Lots being done in here.  Decorating to complete.  High level Audio visual equipment going in and carpet to be laid.


Look no doors to the outside


It might look a mess but in 13 days or so it will be completed ready for the move back of all our furniture

Hope you all enjoy these pictures and are looking forward to getting back inside this fantastic place of worship. The pictures can’t show how good it really looks, the work that has gone into it or the speed at which the contractor is now working. 


There are many people to thank for getting us this far. 

We will soon be back together to worship.