Mission Hub Webinar

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Mission hub webinar

Message from Ann

Dear all,

I have been giving some thought to how we can be Church for our local communities when so much is restricted due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

It was perhaps no surprise to hear the Prime Minister talk about the possibility of restrictions continuing, and possibly being tightened, for at least the next six months but has come as a body blow nevertheless. It seems we must look for creative ways of reaching out during the winter period at least.

With this in mind I encourage you all to attend the Mission Hub Webinar taking place on Saturday 10 th  October from 10am – 12 noon,organised by the District. Further information and booking is on the Newcastle Methodist District website, here. I have booked in for the event already, recognising the quality of the speakers who will be contributing to the morning.

I have always found it helpful to draw inspiration from others as I begin to consider new possibilities. If others can also attend, then I hope this can provide a starting point for our ongoing conversations.

With every blessing,