Reopening Our Buildings

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The Church Council recently accepted a proposal to re open Chopwell chapel in order to provide some limited services for Chopwell members. In addition, Church Council agreed we can provide an evening service at St Barnabas which will be aimed at Strathmore Road evening congregation. We need to start in this careful way to see how things go and because capacity at each of these venues is strictly limited. Also, initially, we thought it best to provide services for the people who most miss out on fellowship, often due to unfamiliarity with modern technology. 
We plan to have a morning service at Chopwell on Sunday 11th October, 10.30 am, and an evening service again on 11th October at St Barnabas, time 6pm.
Lots of Covid precautions are being put in place and each congregation member should receive a personal letter inviting them and asking them to book a place due to the restrictions on capacity.