Opening the Doors (October 2020 Update)

Strathmore Road Methodist Church's picture

Exciting times


It is time again for an update on how the builders are doing in the church.


We are working hard with the contractor to ensure we get what we want within the available  budget. 


As you can see from the picture above the floor has risen fully to its new height and all the underfloor  heating is finished throughout the worship and link building. This means all the floors are now on one level  throughout. 

In the Sanctuary the lighting is being fitted with both strip lights for when we need a bright light area and  roof mounted lights that will wash over the walls when it is a more mellow and peaceful space we need. All  the colours have now been picked for the walls and floors but that’s going to be a surprise for all when  we finally return to worship.

Also, in the Sanctuary the new doorways and windows are cut and simply await the woodwork and glass  fitting. 

In the link building roof lights and roof are all finished and watertight, and plasterboard is being fitted. The  quiet meeting room has started being constructed. Within the week this area will be just needing floors and  final plastering. 

The toilets are being fitted out now with their new furniture and fittings. Here is a sneak preview  on some colour there. 

In the small and large halls, we are getting close to the final stages and in the kitchen is nearly ready for the  cabinets in a week or so. 


Other things 

You can see from the pictures loads of storage in the large hall and some really nice cupboards in the small  hall. The loft has a new easy access ladder and there is a mountain of storage up there. We still need  all to think about what we bring back into church. 

By the time this is in notices the kitchen will have started and a lot of things that look miles away in these  pictures will be completed. It is amazing to see what has been done  and how quickly it’s changing now. 

It’s not long to wait now.