Opening the Doors (September 2020 Update)

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(the text below and the video are identical in content, use whichever you prefer)

Almost half way there!!  We have just entered week 9 of an 18 week programme. Work proceeds at pace throughout the building.   

By-passers will see visible progress on the new central link with foundations, block & beam floor and structural steelwork completed and timber framing and ply boarding of the roof well advanced in readiness for application of the waterproof roofing membrane.                      

Raised floors to the church & toilets are built, insulated and under floor heating pipework installed ready for the plywood floor boarding. New boilers and heating pipework to the halls are installed along with significant amounts of the first fix electrical, AV and data cabling.

Insulated ceilings to the small hall, youth room and kitchen are fitted ready for plastering and the framework for the wall of storage cupboards in the main hall is built.

Whilst there is much still to do, we are mainly on programme at this stage. Your continued prayers and support for the wider project team are appreciated.