God in Love Unites Us

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The marriage and relationships report, God in Love Unites Us, was discussed at the 2019 Methodist Conference and recommended to the church to read, study and discuss prayerfully.

There are 12 dates in the Newcastle District for these consultations:

Monday 20th January, 10am - Lanchester Methodist Church, DH7 0ER
Monday 20th January, 7pm - Houghton Methodist Church, DH4 4BH
Wednesday 22nd January, 2pm - Alnwick Methodist Church, NE66 1NP
Wednesday 22nd January, 7pm - Cullercoats Methodist Church, NE30 3LJ
Wednesday 29th January, 2pm - Amble Methodist Church, NE65 0AG
Thursday 30th January, 7pm - Wesley Memorial, Gateshead, NE9 5EY
Saturday 1st February, 2pm - Great Lumley Methodist Church, DH3 4JB
Tuesday 4th February, 7pm - Hexham Trinity Methodist Church, NE46 3LS
Saturday 8th February, 10am - Castletown Methodist Church, SR5 3DS
Thursday 27th February, 10am - Brunswick Methodist Church, NE1 7BJ
Thursday 27th February, 7pm - Dunston Hill Methodist Church, NE11 9NQ
Saturday 29th February, 10am - Westerhope Methodist Church, NE5 5HA

While our local event will be on 27th February at Dunston Hill, we are encouraged to attend whichever session is most convenient.

The report can be downloaded from the Methodist Church website, along with a study guide and a supporting film.