Eco Church

Eco Church - An A Rocha UK Project

Strathmore Road Methodist Church is working towards being an Eco Church.  By signing up to improve both the environmental efficiency and sustainability of our church buildings, church life and encouraging our church to care for the world entrusted to us, we hope to both demonstrate sound stewardship and encourage others to care for the environment.

What is the scheme?

Eco Church is an ecumenical certified scheme that enables churches to monitor, measure and improve their environmental impact.  By giving churches a framework or structure, it enables a wide range of issues to be addressed in systematic manner.

How are we assessed?

The scheme covers 5 aspects of church life:

Our worship and teaching

including our work with children and young people. Are we thinking out the issues in our house groups, is it covered in our services, what are we teaching our children and young people?

Our buildings 

Including our heating, lighting and insulation etc.  Although we have an old building the re-development project gives us opportunities to improve in these areas

Our land

We have beautiful grounds but are we making the most of them and looking after it appropriately, encouraging wildlife?

Our engagement with our local community and our global engagement

This section covers our links and networks with the local community, other environmental organisations, our lobbying and campaigning, our involvement with fair trade, our advocacy, providing opportunities for us to work with other organisations etc.

Our lifestyle

How we live as individuals and families and how we encourage and support each other to reduce our environmental footprint.

How does it work?

We need to reach the required level in each category in order to achieve an award.  We complete a self assessment, looking at how well we meet each criteria.  Watch this space for further details of our progress so far, ideas, encouragement, and discussion.

Strathmore Road Methodist Church received the Silver Award in May 2022 and is now working towards the Gold Award.