Summer All Age Worship @SRMC

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Parable of the sower

The best teachers are the ones that make their subject come alive.  Whichever way you look at it, Jesus made his subject come alive.  He came to teach us about God and his kingdom and through his parables and through his life God comes alive to us.

This summer we are going to be looking at 6 of Jesus parables found in Matthew’s gospel.  Parables are stories that invite us to come in and imagine that we are part of the story, they encourage us to put ourselves in the picture and see God’s kingdom from a different perspective.  So this summer you are invited to ‘come in, pull up a chair and make yourself at home’, as we discover the wonder of Jesus storytelling.

Week 1 23rd July 2017

Parable of the Sower  -  Matthew 13. 1-17

Week 2 30th July 2017

Parable of the mustard seed and the yeast  -  Matthew 13. 31-35

Week 3 6th August 2017

Parable of the hidden treasure  -  Matthew 13.44-46

Week 4 13th August 2017

Parable of the Workers in the vineyard  -  Matthew 20.1-16

Week 5 20th August 2017

Parable of the Wedding banquet  -  Matthew 22.1-14

Week 6 27th August 2017

Parable of the Sheep and the Goats  -  Matthew 25. 31-46