Redeveloping our Church for the 21st century

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Our feasibility study was presented at the coffee morning on 21st January. Rowlands Gill Church Council met on 15th February to discuss the proposals further. It was recognised that the current plans, as presented on 21st January, are not the final product and will require further amendments. However, the Church Council felt there was enough information available to carry out a consultation of the full Church membership in order to gain further feedback and gauge levels of support for a scheme of this nature. A letter from our minister Alan Bradley, along with a set of 4 questions, was sent to each individual church member, with responses due by the end of April. Another coffee morning was held on the 6th May to share our plans with user groups, from outside the church, who hire our premises and with our near neighbours on Strathmore Road.

Responses from the membership consultation and feedback from user groups and neighbours have now been collated into a report for presentation to the Annual Church Meeting, held on Wednesday 14th June.

The Church Council meets on Monday 26th June at 7.30pm and will discuss feedback from the AGM and decide on the next steps for our redevelopment proposals.