Childrens Worker Update

Michael Eve's picture

Hello! I’ve been asked to give you all a quick update on the work I’m doing, so here we go.

I’m now about 6 months into the job and things are really beginning to pick up and my diary continues to fill up.

Work within both Highfield and Rowlands Gill primary schools is well established, I’ve been working in Highfield for a little bit longer than Rowlands Gill, so that work ranges from leading assemblies to leading classes, whereas in Rowlands Gill I am currently just involved in assemblies. We are hoping to start some work within High Spen School next, so prayers for that would be great.

Within the Church our children’s work continues to grow also, both Sparks and Messy Church continue to reach people and share the good news with families from all over the place.

I would like to urge you over the next couple of months to just be listening to God with regards to our children’s work, It can be quite easy to become obsessed with everything listed above, to become obsessed with filling our diaries and ‘looking’ busy, because we live in a world where if we’re busy we’re busy being ‘successful'. But quite often, when we get so obsessed with being busy, we forget to listen to God and we end up following our own desires rather than God’s. I want us to constantly be ensuring that we are in tune with God’s heart making sure we are following His will and not our own. My prayer for our children’s ministry would simply be this, that we would be constantly listening to God, we would be following His will and only His will, and in doing so we would be a Church that is revealing the Love of God to all we can reach.

Bryn Lauder