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Hope Challenge of the Year Award Winners!

Strathmore Road Methodist Church was given a special thank you at Hope Gathering this year, we were awarded Hope Challenge of the Year. This follows the work you all did last year to raise over £13.000 for Hope for Justice. We received the award from CEO Ben Cooley. The award is currently displayed in Church! Thanks again everyone for all your efforts.
News From Hope for Justice
Hope for Justice continues to work hard in their fight to rescue victims of Human Trafficking and to inform countries on this issue. In February they were invited with members of other abolitionist groups to advise President Trump on the scale of modern slavery in the US. Hope for Justice are now working with businesses to ensure they are slave free in their supply chains. They help companies ensure they are working in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act and to ensure integrity and consumer confidence. Many companies are already utilising their expertise to turn an emerging business threat into a demonstration of ethical best-practice.  For those who work within businesses you may want to find out more. Visit the website – where you can register for this programme. -