Hotting Up Spiritually

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Pan of boiling milk

Dear All Happy Easter!

As we are still in the Easter season exploring The Great 50 Days leading up to Pentecost, not only does the temperature rise  as spring moves into summer but things are also hotting up spiritually.

Having been a minister for quite a few years, I have been part of several Easter morning services but one of the most memorable was early on in my ministry. One Easter morning as the clocks went forward that night/ day, I awoke very early to a frosty morning with the occasional flutter of snowflakes. It was cold and dark: rather like that first Easter morning heavy laden with grief. Then the sun began to rise over the North Sea, the message that Jesus is risen, “He is risen indeed!” lifted our spirits, warmed our hearts, melted the frost and transformed the morning with resurrection warmth.

As the light becomes a flame at Pentecost, things really do warm up, which reminds me of a caravan holiday. Mam had gone outside to sit in the sun. I was reading in the caravan. Mam asked me to watch the milk boil. Taking her literally, in between paragraphs, I watched the milk boil and as it did, I shouted “Mam, the milk’s boiling”, repeatedly, until before mam came back into the caravan the milk had boiled over! Well mam had not said anything about turning the milk off, she just asked me to watch it boil and I did! It is amazing how many crevices boiled over milk can find, I discovered when cleaning it up afterwards!

As the joy of Easter spreads, as the encounters with the risen Jesus increase and the love of God spreads further and further, even to all nations as we read in Acts 2; let us pray, that we will play our part in bubbling over with that ever increasing Easter joy, as we celebrate Easter, Pentecost and beyond, going to all the earth’s crevices with the great news of our risen Lord.

Every Blessing Janet Capstick (Acting Superintendent Minister during Alan Bradley’s Sabbatical)