God and Technology - Reading the Word

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How can technology bring us closer to God?  For about five and a half years, I have been using an app called YouVersion, which offers a comprehensive way to access the Bible.  I primarily use it for my regular bible reading on my tablet, where I use the bookmark functionality to save my place in the New Testament and Old Testament as I make my way through the Bible.  Using this, I can easily pick up where I left off on my phone if I am out and about.

However, the benefits go wider: where a passage doesn't seem to make sense, I can quickly select it and compare the passage in multiple different translations including the Message, the NIV, and many others; I can highlight multiple passages for later reference where I find them helpful; if I'm busy doing something that doesn't use too many of the grey cells, I can have the bible app read to me; I can download several bibles to access offline, which is very handy when out of range of mobile signal or wifi, and also saves bandwidth.

There are several bible reading plans available for free on all types of topics that I have dipped into now and again.  The topics are broad and they have one or more bible readings and a short to medium length reflection on the passage, and when I have used these, they have been well written and good quality.

You can also access videos, though I don't use this function very much.  There are options to share passages of the bible with friends, though not being a great social media user, I haven't used these very much.

So how does this technology bring me closer to God? My tablet and phone are much lighter and slimmer than my printed Bible, so it is much easier to carry when on my travels and I also carry them already.  It is much easier to find passages, either searching for a phrase or navigating book, chapter and verse, so it is easier to check something.  Consequently, I read the bible more now than I ever used to and spend time drawing close to God through his Word.