EcoChurch Update

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Silver here we come!

Improvements to the building mean that we will soon be in a position to apply for the Silver Award (we achieved the Bronze award in January 2020).

The Eco Church Framework covers 5 areas with a score given on each one. Depending on the score a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award is granted.

Following the development, we have an improved boiler, heating system and energy efficient lighting. This is enough to put the building into the Silver category.

More work is planned in the garden and grounds with wildlife friendly planting to take place when we can gain access. More nest boxes for birds and boxes for bats, which
are required as part of the planning requirements will help put the land category into silver.

The Lifestyle section is already in silver thanks to the various encouragements, advice and support in Contact, church notices and the Whats App Group.

The Community section, which is about campaigning and building links with local, national and international environmental organisations, requires more work but should be at Silver soon.

The final section on Worship is currently at Gold level thanks to teaching, praise and worship on creation and our role as stewards.

If anyone would like more information on Eco Church or would like to be involved please make contact.