Izingolweni Update, June 2020

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Three Months Information: April to June 2020
Donations during covid-19 lockdown crisis:
At the beginning of March, South Africa was placed under strict lockdown level 5 conditions. There was not much movement around the whole country. All churches were closed down, all gatherings of any kind were closed down, businesses were closed and all other sectors of government were closed down. Except essential services. Many people were out of work, some even lost their jobs, we don’t know how many of our church families were affected, but we know that we have helped a lot more people than we usually do during lockdown period. As I am writing this report, South Africa is on level 3 lockdown. Regulations and conditions are better than level 5. Most of the businesses and places of work are back to work. The problem now is that more people are getting affected by the virus and more places are being shut and open again if they have a covid positive case. It is still not safe to be out as we would want to. Things are not looking good at all. But we hope that the Lord will see us through this tough times. We can only pray for our country and the whole world. 
Below is the record of what the Lord has been doing during the lockdown using different people and churches. 
Food parcels donations
In the past three months, we have managed to give out food donations to struggling families as Izingolweni community. We can say as from last Sunday, we have given out 500 hundred parcels. To God be the glory. 
Most of the food donations came from different members of Paddock Community Church, and they carried on with normal monthly food donations to make sure that our children can still have their own food as well. 
Other donations
We have been getting donations from different individuals from other churches. The donations are winter clothes, winter blankets for the children, winter hats, and crèche toys. The organ was donated to us by a family that goes to Idwala Paddock Church, other clothes are donated by individuals going to Margate Baptist Church and other clothes coming from individuals from Paddock Community Church. God is good.
Ebenezer Bible School closure: 
This year, we have started a bible school at Ebenezer and it is called Ebenezer Mission Bible School, as we have reported in the previous newsletter. The main aim is to help leaders who didn’t have opportunity to go to formal training to get training on Church leadership and Basic Theological Training. We had to close the school because of covid-19 regulations. Good news is that the school has started again under strict lockdown level 3 regulations and because we have small number of students. We were able and allowed to start again.
One guy that is sitting alone is our facilitator of the bible school and he is doing great work. The students are very happy to be back to their school work again. We wish them all the best.
Church Services: 
We have managed to start church services again according to level 3 strict lockdown regulations. At the beginning it was not easy but now things are getting better. Our church community is getting used to worship in a new way and worshiping while wearing masks.  
We have divided our service into three parts. We start with youth service at 9am, children service comes at 10am and the adult service starts at 11am. Our Christian family has been good in following all the regulations. God is good.
Ebenezer Day Care Centre:
Our preschool/ crèche was closed and still closed. We are waiting for government to announce when preschools will open again. What we have done until now is to sanitize all equipment for the children. We are ready to start when the government says we must start. Our building has been sanitized to make it ready for use.
We have spoken to all the parents to see if they think it’s a good idea to start school. Some parents were asking for crèche to start. Our principal decided to do short survey to see if all parents are happy to let their children come to school and more than half parents were very excited to know that the schools will be back again. We have decided that when the government says we must start, we will be ready to start.
We need help with the following items;
Finances for to buy books for bible school. Some of our students are struggling financially and cannot afford to buy books that covers all the modules. To cover first certificate, we will need R2100 per person and we have 8 students who still need books. 
We need finances to pay preschool/ crèche staff. We have been blessed that during the times when the staff couldn’t work one organization assisted us with paying our staff. In the coming months, if the crèche starts we will need to pay our staff. To cover the rest of the year we will need R18000
We need to buy more tables for crèche, in order to keep social distancing, which will be R5000.
We need finances to buy paint for our building. We need to paint the building inside and outside. We have started to paint inside most of the rooms inside have been painted with the first coat. We need R7000 to finish the whole building.
Thanks to all our donors for prayer and giving during this time. God bless you all. We give special thanks to those who donated the following;
Food parcels 
Finances for crèche staff 
Prayer points;
Safety for everyone during this time
Job losses. Each month we learn that people are losing their jobs.
Church members, especially the elderly, for God to keep them safe.
Some of our teenagers are studying in church preparing for their final year exams at school. We pray for their safety and success.
Safety for our family as we are doing God’s work during this time.