Waiting for God

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Hello everyone, we had been asked to write a little something for last Contact but in the end missed the deadline! Oops! But having gone to look at what we had written to send in again we discovered perhaps the timing had been planned!

Suddenly all of us are in a time of uncertainty and waiting, wondering what waits ahead of us. What life will look like ‘when all of this is over’, even wondering how ‘all of this will be over’. But we don’t wait in the dark, we know hope, we can hold onto that hope even in the most confusing of times, trusting that He is faithful.

We miss being in person with you all, but love still being connected in the ways we can.

None of us relish being made to wait. All of us make a mental assessment of which supermarket checkout is going to lead to the shortest wait and then we get internally upset when we feel we made the wrong call; if I cannot pull out at a junction within ten seconds I can behave like I have been handed a life sentence; if the website I would like to browse has not appeared in less than a second I start loudly questioning what has happened to the world wide web!

And yet Jesus seems to not be shaken by a bit of a wait. He himself waited thirty years for anything we would consider valuable to happen. God left Joseph sitting in prison for 10 years and Moses looking after the sheep for 40! God called Abram to Canaan but he stopped in Haran for what was possibly 5 years before God pushed him on to the original call.

The truth is we do not understand.

We like to think that we are wise and that our plans are good. We are quite sure that our way and our timing is the best, but we only consider certain times and acts in our lives to be valuable. Jesus takes a rather different view. He is king of the universe and has seen all of time, the beginning and the end. He knows all the history and all the plans that he has for us in the future. He can see the grand scheme. He knows where our little lives fit into his cosmic plan. We can only obey.

We are all following someone or something. Jesus calls us to follow him closely and not the foolishness of the world that masquerades as wisdom. He says, “Listen and obey.” He will do what he needs to do to get us to the place where he wants us to be. We often think that life is all about achieving some great feat, but He is more concerned about our heart and drawing us in to his arms than what we do.
We often overlook the call to rest and to lie down in green pastures and to wait patiently upon the Lord. If we took the time, we would see that the word speaks much more about abiding and being than it does about going and doing.

After 15 years of working out his call in South Africa we are now waiting. We do not want to merely wait, we want to rest in Him, lean into his arms of love for healing and strength and find him in all his fullness, though that is not very easy when our flesh longs to be doing something “valuable”.

Jesus may be teaching us something here. We are slowly learning that perhaps this is the most valuable thing we could be doing.