Everyday Gratitude



Just before lockdown I had begun to read a book called “Less is More – Spirituality for Busy Lives” by Brian Draper. The book has lots of short simple chapters with reflections/areas to consider, it is a book to read slowly and reflect upon each chapter.

One of the suggestions in this was to keep a gratitude diary – of up to 5 things each day written simply. The book explained that this can be transformative in keeping life in perspective, helpful for mental wellbeing and generally in helping you to become more appreciative of the small things, becoming more present to each day.

I decided to try this and inspired by a student friend - it turned into an (almost) daily post on facebook #everydaygratitude with the aim to post as often as I could until the end of lockdown as a way of helping myself but also hopefully inspiring and encouraging others.

I have loved doing this and it has really helped me to appreciate the small everyday things that we can take for granted so much more. Many of the posts have been inspired by my daily “Boris Walks”. So much of my gratitude has stemmed from the sheer beauty of the natural world and from the extra time I have had with the children as well as the simpler way of living lockdown has given our family life.

Each evening I have tried to sit down and reflect on the things I am grateful for that day. Most days the list is absolutely endless and then the tough days (on the “corona-coaster” that so many of us have experienced at times) well it has just put life into perspective – taught me that even when it seems tough – there is still so much to be grateful to God for.

If anyone wants to read some of the gratitude posts please feel free to look at my facebook page – and I hope that this inspires you as well!

Here is today’s post:
So... what am I grateful for today?
1. The warm sunshine.
2. Listening to the birdsong in the early hours.
3. For my husband helping so much before his early work shift - putting out the washing, making a flask of coffee and collecting a parcel – all before me and the kids had even got out of bed!
4. Time to play board games with the children.
5. The bin men coming today and each week throughout lockdown,