A Methodist Way of Life

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As far as we are able:


  • We will pray daily

  • We will worship regularly 

  • We will look and listen for GOD each day


  • We will seek to learn more of God and God’s world

  • We will practice friendship and care for others and for ourselves

  • We will honour creation and tend the environment

  • We will practice hospitality and generosity


  • We will be good neighbours to those in need

  • We will challenge injustice

  • We will seek the common good


  • We will witness to the love of God in Jesus

  • We will speak of faith to others

  • We will help each other be better disciples


We commit to this rule of life and to the well-being of this community, out of gratitude to God who forgives, heals and makes all things new. May each life be a blessing within and beyond God’s church, for the transformation of the world.