The Keswick Holiday 2020

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‘Just walking in the rain getting soaking_ _ _’ 

Well you know the rest of this classic 50’s song by Johnnie Ray which became our theme song for this year’s Keswick holiday from which 78 of us have recently returned.

As we arrived in Keswick looking forward with great excitement to a week in the great outdoors so did Storm Denis! With it’s predicted gale force winds and driving rain, it decided to hang around for the week. From the outset plans had to be changed. No annual cruise on lovely Derwentwater, only the very brave ventured outdoors on day one. And those of us who did were soaked to the skin in no time at all. ‘Can you ever get a waterproof that keeps the water out?’

Despite the inclement weather we pushed on with our programme of walks delighting in the fact it stopped raining on Monday for a while, allowing many (kids and all) to bag a Wainwright summit. Although it required crawling on hands and knees to reach it, such was the wind strength.

Another miraculous break in the rain allowed the annual car treasure hunt to proceed with its usual competitiveness and skulduggery. 

Amazingly we survived the elements through the rest of the week helped by plenty visits to welcoming coffee shops and tearooms, roaring log fires in the pub at the end of more wet walks and as usual at Keswick, bumping into friends and spending quality time over a local ale or a hot chocolate.

A few of us have been in the driving seat planning and carrying out the activities at Keswick for many years. This year, was year twenty seven! As we have gotten older and have new challenges to contend with as well as feeling a bit tired, we felt we were in need of a little extra support. To this end we appointed a couple to act as Centre hosts who together with a small team of volunteers enthusiastically and competently managed the day to day logistics of communal living in the centre and a fantastic job they did.

Many others also stepped up to the mark leading activities, walks, services, entertainment and stuff for the kids. To you all we say a massive thank you for your contributions to a highly successful  and most enjoyable holiday.

If you would like to experience Keswick 2021 we are off again on Friday 12th February. The Countdown has started!