Youth Update

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Hi all, just a quick update on some things happening with the youth.  In January we launched a brand new group cleverly named ‘The New Group’ or TNG for short.  This group is for anyone over 12 and fits into the post-Rock Solid slot for girls and boys.  We have had around 14-15 young people from ages 12-16 meeting every two weeks.  The group is a mix of kids from church and those who don’t have family connections to church.  They play games and have fun but they also discuss the big issues.  This group has been a real answer to prayer.  We have struggled to get a group going where girls over 12 could move up to after Rock Solid. This has been made possible by an excellent youth volunteer team, ‘The Dream Team’.  As a team we meet every month to pray, plan and seek God’s direction for our young people.  We have a challenging year ahead with redevelopment and what this new group might bring but we are so excited.  

I’m personally grateful for the prayers, love and support that surround me in this role and I can’t wait to see this new generation of young people grow in their faith.  Rock Solid has had a youthful burst of new faces as we seem to have a whole load of 9 year olds in our church! ID still meets after Rock Solid and our girls attending TNG will be encouraged to do their own similar activities as they grow together.  

On a final note, we will have around 12-14 young people wanting to go to Kairos Christian camp in the summer which is a massive highlight in all of our young peoples' journey. However, some will struggle to finance it.  I thought it might be nice for some individuals to ‘sponsor’ a young person directly to enable them to go and pray for them while they are there.  It costs around £70 each but the investment is so worthwhile.  Have a chat with me if you want to know more about this.