Autumn Walk

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My day at the Bridges’ Walk, 

I was really excited for the Bridges walk. First we got on a huge coach. At our first stop we had mouthwatering cheese or fruit scones. Then we got back on the coach and we drove to Craster. On our way we saw some cows, they were very loud! Then we started to go on our walk. After about 20 minutes we started to see a ruined Castle (Dunstanburgh) It was really cool once we got up close. Then we made our way round the back of the castle and onto the beach. After a little bit we stopped and had a tasty picnic. After that we walked some more along the beach by the sea. There were some rivers across the beach that were really fun to cross! Then we got to a pub and had a yummy snack. Then the 7 mile walkers carried on along the beach and we went off - we could go to the pub, an old church or the beach. When the 7 mile walkers got back we had a delicious tea and some nice pudding in the pub. Then we got the coach back home and everyone fell asleep! When I got home I thought “what a good day I had on the Bridges Walk!”