A Walk with ....... my dog and God


I have a dog and I take it for a walk daily, in the woods near us. There are deer in these woods and it always excites me when I see them. However it is not easy to spot them, as they are timid and well camouflaged in the undergrowth.

I go into the woods expecting to spot a deer and it means looking very carefully. Obviously I do not see them every day. Sometimes my dog knows they are there and alerts me, sometimes I spot them first. Whenever I do spot them, they invariably are already looking at me – they have seen me long before I have seen them.

This is a bit like our walk with God. Do we come to worship, prayer or fellowship fully expecting to meet with God?  Sometimes it is not obvious that God is there amongst the busyness, tragedies and hardships of daily life, but when you know where to look it is evident that He has been there all along. Sometimes we need others to remind us God is there. God knows we are there and knows our concerns before we even bring them to Him in prayer.

The real tragedy though, is that many people can walk through those woods completely unaware that there are even deer close by.