Messy Church

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We have been running Messy Church at SRMC for over two years. Several people recently have commented they don’t really know what it is.  The greatest misconception is that it is a children’s group – it is in fact a different way of doing of church.

Here is some background information:-

The first Messy Church began in 2004 in Portsmouth. They were frustrated because, as a church, they were hardly reaching any children with God's story.

There was a lot of sympathy towards church in general but the church wasn't offering anything that really gripped the imagination of local families. They decided very early on to try to do something for all ages together, and from a desire to help families to grow together in their walk of faith, and not see Christianity as something you grow out when you are 11.

There are now over 3,000 Messy Churches registered in more than 20 different countries - and that's just the ones we know about. We estimate that over 500,000 people attend a Messy Church each month

Please feel free to come along and join us, or even better help out. It also takes a lot of setting up and clearing away afterwards, so if you could  spare half an hour at 12:15, 3:00 or 5:15pm that would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the experiences of two people who did just that:-


I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for when I volunteered to help. I just knew it was to do with children. So when I arrived at 3 o’clock there were already people in the kitchen preparing food. Tables were already put up in the big hall. The children arrived at 3.30pm. There were hot drinks for the grown ups and cold drinks for the children. Then the fun began. Jo had made templates of palm leaves as they were re-enacting the week before the death of Jesus on the cross. Waving their leaves and colouring in church windows, and making crosses out of Curly Wurlys. The best was when they had to make their own wine by crushing grapes in a dish in their bare feet. We had another clean dish to wash sticky feet, while Alan was in the kitchen making wine with blackcurrant juice. We ended up with a picnic to represent the feeding of the five thousand. What a great way to get the story across. It finished at 5.30pm. Everyone went home very happy, including a very happy grandma.

And from Lesley and Keith:-

It was great to be asked to help at Messy Church by preparing a picnic for up to 40 people.  The Messy Church Team are so well organised the event ran like clockwork. Jo is amazing with her ideas and craft activities for the families.  Everyone was so welcoming and it was lovely helping alongside Sadie. Best of all was the excitement and enthusiasm of the families who attended and obviously felt ‘at home’.  What a fantastic afternoon.