God's Smuggler - by Brother Andrew


When I first started attending Church in the early 1970’s it was recommended that I should read Brother Andrew’s ‘God’s Smuggler’. Unfortunately, to a 13year old girl growing up in a Yorkshire village the book did not have a lot of relevance. I had never heard of Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary or the Iron Curtain, let alone know where they where. Equally I didn’t understand what communism was and what that meant to Christians in these countries. Unimpressed I promptly forgot about the book. Then in February this year I saw a small news item announcing the death of Brother Andrew’s wife, which rekindled my interest. I found that there was a new updated edition of the book, published in 2015, which included information that couldn’t have been included in the original, as it would have put too many people in danger. Wow! What a read! It tells the true story of how a young Dutchman risked his life to bring faith and hope to believers behind the Iron Curtain. With the rise of communism after the Second World War, Christians in these countries were persecuted for their faith, churches closed and bibles destroyed. It is an absolutely gripping story of a man smuggling Bibles into these dangerous countries. His faith and daring at border crossings was incredible. It illustrates how if an ordinary person puts their trust in God, then anything is possible. My favourite line is “…that’s the excitement of obedience……finding out later what God had in mind…”. If you like page-turning adventure, this is the book to read.