When you go will you send back a letter from ... South Africa

Strathmore Road Methodist Church has strong connections with South African mission projects through members of the congregation who have gone to work or setup missions in parts of South Africa.  Read about them here.

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Monai Church, Bethlehem, South Africa

Some people here know Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, but not everybody is aware what it is about. It is often seen as just another public holiday and there is a lot of drinking. The wealthy people will buy ‘that tree’ and the gifts but only for their close family. It is tradition to buy the children a new outfit that they can wear on Christmas. It can be a painful day because many people cannot afford to buy clothes for our children, and this can be a real source of shame, so we hide in the house.

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Waiting for God

Hello everyone, we had been asked to write a little something for last Contact but in the end missed the deadline! Oops! But having gone to look at what we had written to send in again we discovered perhaps the timing had been planned!

Suddenly all of us are in a time of uncertainty and waiting, wondering what waits ahead of us. What life will look like ‘when all of this is over’, even wondering how ‘all of this will be over’. But we don’t wait in the dark, we know hope, we can hold onto that hope even in the most confusing of times, trusting that He is faithful.

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