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Batty about Bats

The presence of bats on the SRMC site has had a surprisingly high profile throughout the development and has been an agenda item on meetings since the initial planning phase.

So what’s the fuss about? Well, all UK bat species are protected by the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017. Protection is necessary to preserve habitat, particularly hibernation and roosting sites, and to prevent further decline in the population numbers.

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EcoChurch Update

Silver here we come!

Improvements to the building mean that we will soon be in a position to apply for the Silver Award (we achieved the Bronze award in January 2020).

The Eco Church Framework covers 5 areas with a score given on each one. Depending on the score a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award is granted.

Following the development, we have an improved boiler, heating system and energy efficient lighting. This is enough to put the building into the Silver category.

What if ... God wants His people to be His partners in renewing the earth?

The television series last year, the Blue Planet, and more recently the climate change protests in London have put green issues and the care of our planet back firmly on the agenda. One of the focuses of the protests was on carbon reduction (though you wouldn’t necessarily have realised that when seeing them blocking and preventing public transport working properly), yet carbon reduction is only part of the challenge.

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