Methodist Church Prayer of the Day

Thursday, 03 Sep 2020

We praise you, O Christ, ceaselessly searching for us when we are lost. We bless you, O Christ, constantly feeding us when we are hungry. We give thanks to you, O Christ, eternally interceding for us when we are in danger. 

Ann Griffiths (1776-1805)

In a world of disposable nappies and throwaway fashion, of single-use plastic and built-in obsolescence, where some people rely on foodbanks for basic nutrition while others struggle with obesity, help us to use fewer resources while ensuring that others have sufficient. Teach us how to consume less and conserve more; to live sustainably. Enable each of us to learn how to minimise our environmental footprint. Let our concern for the earth govern our living and may we take seriously your call to be careful stewards of your creation. And thank you, God, that you have given us all that we need to sustain life. Amen. 

Wendy Kilworth-Mason, minister, North Kirklees and Morley Circuit