Methodist Church Prayer of the Day

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Looking to Jesus, let us run the race that is set before us.
Rooted in the faith of the saints, let us keep an even pace.
Grounded in catholic love, let us rejoice in God’s grace. Amen.

John Wesley (1703-1791)

Gracious and loving God, as we give thanks for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Channel Islands from war-time occupation, for the gift of homecoming, for freedom and for the ongoing work of reconciliation between former enemies:
help us to learn history’s many lessons for our own day;
enable us to respond to the good news of Jesus Christ by building bridges of healing and hope;
assist us in recognising that all are precious children in God’s eyes; 
and teach us, O God, the profound challenge of responding to the good news that “there is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all … are one in Christ Jesus.” Amen.

David Hinchliffe, Channel Islands District Chair (Quotation from Galatians 3:28